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Global HNWI Risk, Privacy & Security

We cover and protect our clients personal and business privacy and security. Our focus is on developing personalized and comprehensive privacy and security plans that help high-net-worth individuals, investors, prominent people, and entrepreneurs effectively reduce their threat surface, safeguard their assets, attain global privacy, and enjoy maximum freedom. 

Cloak & Dagger Provides...



Shield your private life from intrusive snooping inquiries by private investigators, legal establishments, and other inquisitive parties.



Our Attaché program offers worldwide support for our clients during any phase of engagement.

asset protection


Keep more of your assets. We offer in-country and  global opportunities that may save you money and offer you greater asset protection.



We protect life and property with highly qualified threat assessments in-country or globally.

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Concise Solutions


We understand that risks come in different shapes and sizes, and that's why we have tailored our risk assessment services to cover a wide range of areas, including family offices, partnerships, and relocation – whether it's within a country or across the globe.


If you are seeking the utmost level of privacy and security, we present our Privacy Attaché™ programs which involve strategic global relocation options. 


We suggest our on-going privacy monitoring services that allow us to ensure you stay protected year-round 24/7.



We have strong-legal asset protection programs available globally to those that want to protect their privacy and what they've earned.


Our global 24 hour on call concierge program allows for clients of our privacy or security consultancy to receive 365 days of emergency services and concierge level services all discreetly managed.


We provide red team services to test your privacy and security vulnerabilities, managed by our cyber practice leader.


We offer premium executive level Wealth Attaché services.  Wealth Attaché is offered with week long in-person strategy sessions


Should you require a comprehensive life restructuring plan, to the point of starting all over. We can expertly assist in this matter.

Why Cloak & Dagger is Different


We are category creators. Our privacy and security consultancy is lead by real world intelligence from people who worked in the intelligence services and understand risk mitigation.


Our team lives a private life. We use the products and services we help our private clients obtain.


Cloak & Dagger is partnered with global resources in finance, law, and government agencies. This aids our clients obtain holistic services.


We help clients in many countries navigate their personal and family privacy and security. All of our strategies are bespoke to the location, business and dynamics of the clients particulars.

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Meet Our Founder

After the tragic events of 9/11, Steven Gerrard the founder of Cloak & Dagger, encountered numerous individuals in Los Angeles who had begun to question everything, including their own security and privacy.


Utilizing experience from investigative and intelligence services, such as tracking people and locating bank accounts, he established his own privacy services in his practice beginning in 2002. 

Following this development, Gerrard noticed a gradual degradation of personal privacy, with smartphones becoming ubiquitous as everyone's second brain. Aware that the knowledge he had acquired through intelligence work was on the verge of a paradigm shift, and that the abandonment of personal privacy would create privacy and security threats for many.

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“I received practical exercises in order to make my life more private. Although I did not go to an extreme, and I had to adjust to a simpler life, it was well worth it."

CEO, National USA Food Producer

Our proficiency is a product of our background. As prior members of investigative, intelligence, military, and cyber security organizations, Cloak & Dagger consultants have acquired the ability to locate information on anyone-anywhere, and by extension, the aptitude to safeguard our clients against intrusive invasions of privacy. We are intimately familiar with the fundamentals of data and records containing personal information, as well as the intricacies of data structures in digital formats. Our knowledge extends to every aspect of personal privacy, as we have been the ones conducting surveillance and investigations, tracing, locating, and monitoring individuals throughout the world.


Our methodology adopts a comprehensive approach, taking into consideration the distinctive conditions, inclinations, and objectives of our patrons. We work closely with you to develop a profound comprehension of their objectives with regards to confidentiality and security, their willingness to tolerate risks, and their far-reaching aspirations. Subsequently, we utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise in privacy and security to construct personalized remedies that cater to their particular necessities and facilitate the attainment of their desired outcomes.


About Us.

Cloak & Dagger is a team of expert consultants  who created our category of service in the sphere of personal privacy and security consulting. We work for high-net-worth individuals, prominent business leaders, family offices, wealth management clients, law firms, and private clients that wish to hire the preeminent privacy and security risk firm.

Our backgrounds range from government intelligence, cybersecurity, investigations, private risk, and law enforcement.

We Know Privacy.

Cloak & Dagger's team, comprising of experts from intelligence services, private investigation, law enforcement, and related disciplines, are the ideal guides to assist you in your pursuit of enhanced privacy. We possess considerable experience in privacy risk management, having witnessed the gradual erosion of privacy over the years, and observed an increased awareness of privacy amongst our clients.

Cloak & Dagger's founders were pioneers in providing consultative privacy services to notable individuals, even before privacy tactics gained mainstream attention through books and online platforms. However, we choose not to divulge our strategies to anyone besides our clients. This is because, by sharing our tactics, we offer adversaries an opportunity to study and circumvent our privacy and security measures.


We refrain from publicizing our methods to prevent our high-risk clients from facing such compromise for the sake of superficial accolades.

It is noteworthy that intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, do not share their tactics on intelligence gathering with others. Such information is often kept confidential for several decades. Following similar principles, we only share our privacy solutions, tactics, and strategies with our clients who are actively engaged with us. By limiting the dissemination of our methods, we uphold the utmost privacy and security for our clients.

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